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From Our Home Correspondent 22/09/2019

Mishal Husain presents pieces on: coping with Crossrail delays, a twelfth move before 30, teens at middle-aged gigs, cricket competitiveness and living with very premature births.

In the latest programme of the monthly series, Mishal Husain introduces dispatches from journalists and writers around the United Kingdom that reflect the range of contemporary life in the country.

Tom Edwards meets two people counting the cost – literally – of a delayed major infrastructure project and discovers whether they will be able to survive until it is finally finished. Hannah Moore ruminates on her twelfth move before she has even reached her thirtieth birthday and the contrast between her parents’ long settled East Midlands’ life and her own constantly changing one. After a heart-stopping moment on the cricket field of her son's school - and an emergency operation - Geeta Guru-Murthy considers the domestic costs of intense competitiveness. Richard Vadon takes his teenage son and his friends to a covers band gig - only to find that most of the others there are his age rather than his son’s. But the reason why says much, he says, about the contemporary music scene. And while nothing quite prepared Francesca Segal for her experience of a neonatal intensive care unit, she reflects what it has taught her about motherhood and family life.

Producer: Simon Coates

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