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The world's 'first 3D, holographic, international video call'

Princess Leia's hologram from the original Star Wars films inspired the founders of Voxon Photonics to create the real thing. At Digital Planet's 18th anniversary event on 3 September 2019, Voxon and the BBC took part in a landmark holographic video call, from Adelaide in Australia to London in the UK. Voxon co-founder Gavin Smith said it's "the first time" a projected, 3D, volumetric, holographic call had been made internationally and live. Voxon co-founder Will Tamblyn appeared as a live hologram in the BBC's Radio Theatre. He spoke to his colleague Gavin Smith and Digital Planet host Gareth Mitchell.

Digital producer: Jack Burgess

(Image: The BBC and Voxon's landmark holographic video call. Credit: Voxon.)

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