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New Thinking: Pregnancy Puzzles

Hetta Howes talks to Elselijn Kingma, Fiona Woollard and Suki Finn, investigating the Philosophy of Pregnancy and Early Motherhood at the University of Southampton

What is the metaphysical status of an unborn fetus in relation to its mother? Is it possible to know what pregnancy will mean for you before you become pregnant? How can the distinction between having a duty to do something and acting for a reason help us make sense of debates surrounding breast feeding? And why have philosophers of the past had so little to say on these matters? Hetta Howes gets to grips with the conceptual puzzles surrounding pregnancy and early motherhood with the philosophers at the University of Southampton investigating them: Professor Elselijn Kingma, Professor Fiona Woollard, and Dr Suki Finn.

This podcast was made with the assistance of the AHRC - the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) which funds research at universities and museums, galleries and archives across the UK into the arts and humanities. The AHRC works in partnership with BBC Radio 3 on the New Generation Thinkers scheme to make academic research available to a wider audience.

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