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The Warm Up Track: BBC Athletics Podcast, Episode five

This week we're in California, joined by Swedish-American Armand Duplantis who's tipped to break the Pole Vault world record one day soon.

This week, Armand Duplantis and his sporting family. He's tipped to break the Pole Vault world record one day soon. He's our guest, and so is his Dad. Not because it's a 'bring your father to work' day, but because Greg was a Pole Vaulter first and was pretty good too.

Find out what happens when you miss the mat and land on a table (one of Dad's stories) and what's it like when your 17-year-old son beats your lifetime best.

One of Mondo's elder brothers, Antoine, plays Major League Baseball ... but is that down to Greg's genes or his wife Helena's? She was a Heptathlete for Sweden, the country Mondo has chosen to represent on the international stage rather than the United States.

We're in California, where Superman once foiled a deadly plot by Lex Luther. So, what super power would we all like to have? These are the questions, along with a more serious consideration of when Mondo believes he can break the world record.

Photo: Armand Duplantis of Sweden reacts in the Men's Pole Vault final during day six of the 24th European Athletics Championships (Matthias Hangst/Getty Images)

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