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Living while dying

Lucy Watts is living her best life while planning for the end

Living your best life when death is closer than you'd like it to be - that's what we're talking about on this month's long podcast. It's a very upbeat show about tricky disability stuff.

Doctors told Lucy Watts she wouldn't make it to the age of 18 - she's now 25 and has survived sepsis 14 times. Her assistance dog Molly licks her hand three hours before any symptoms appear which gives Lucy time to get life-saving treatment.

Her story about living while dying, growing up fast and realising that she's worthy of a sex life comes with warmth, energy and belly laughs.

BBC Tech correspondent Rory Cellin-Jones went public with his Parkinson's diagnosis after people noticed his hand shaking on live TV. Since then, the Government have recruited him to their Disability Confident campaign, he has been part of a study and tech innovations designed for people with the condition are being pushed his way.

Psychotherapist Mel Halacre, who specialises in disabled people and their mental health, also lends her expertise

Presented by Kate Monaghan and Simon Minty. Produced by Emma Tracey.

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