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The Cyprus Missing

Set 40 years after the 1974 Cyprus conflict, a chance discovery causes Greek-Cypriot Althea to go in search of answers about what happened to her father in the war.

By Mario Theodorou

London, 2014. Althea, a Greek Cypriot who has spent her adult life in London, has always believed that her father was killed in action during the Cypriot conflict of 1974. But a chance discovery causes her to question her family history, and go in search of answers within London's Cypriot community.

Althea ..... Agni Scott
Gizem ..... Fisun Burgess
Eleni ….. Anna Savva
Constantine ..... Chris Pavlo
Young Althea ..... Christina Kyriakos
Young Gizem ..... Jeyda Mustafa
Mags ..... Catherine Cusack
Missing Persons Rep .... Helen Clapp
Wine Seller ….. Shaun Mason
Soldier ….. Jonny Holden

Director, Sasha Yevtushenko

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45 minutes

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