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With Dean Jackson. The Beat Introducing: The best of under the radar local music.

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2 hours

Music Played

  • Chloe Adams

    Kiss Chase

  • Henry Jones

    Take My Phone Off Me

  • Concrete Rose


  • Joe Baxter


  • Studio guest: Alice Kübe

    • Alice Kübe

      Now I'm Gone

  • Ralph Pelleymounter

    The Lobster (feat. Charlotte Carpenter)

    Music Arranger: Ken Samson.
  • Christian Frohwein

    Dream With Me

  • Doctrines

    Arabella's Dream

  • Live from Download Festival: Royal Republic

    • Royal Republic

      Fireman & Dancer

  • Emily Pellatt


    Remix Artist: Tokyo 54.
  • Ryan Brooks

    Find A Way (feat. Ken Bonsall & Dan Booth)

  • Dammit Jack

    Any Sea

  • Georgia McKiernan

    Our Groovy Lava Love

  • Phosphenes


  • Studio guests: Marvin's Revenge

    • Marvin's Revenge

      In Your Mind

  • Benjamin Ziec

    Where Did The Lights Go

  • S.T. Manville

    Make Believe

  • ClaytNN


  • In live session: Megatrain

    • Megatrain

      Holiday Home (BBC Music Introducing East Midlands session, 15 June 2019)

    • Megatrain

      Why I Have To Want You (BBC Music Introducing East Midlands session, 15 June 2019)

  • JB Scofield

    Stretch It

  • Nartz

    All Me

  • The Sharrow

    All Of Nothing

  • Revenge of Calculon

    Electric Soup (feat. Motormouf)