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Deep, Down & Desi Podcast

Can talking about death, loss and grief help us to live? This could be the most important podcast of your afterlife...

In a community saturated by talk of babies and marriages, British Asian bereavement is curiously complicated - and often ignored.

Family, religious and cultural issues make each passing unique from the mainstream and brings in sharp focus the generational expectations that can cause further heartache at a time of sensitivity.

Fresh To Death is out to change that.

Restaurateur Saima is living with a terminal diagnosis of stage 4 lung cancer and filmmaker Maleena lost her teenage brother to leukemia and father to a sudden heart attack.

Together, they explore their own perspective of being British Asian women dealing with death - and speak to others with a range of unique perspectives, from will writing to funerals, mental health to cultural traditions.

If you have been affected by any of the issues raised in this programme you can find support at the BBC Action line for bereavement:

Updated: weekly
Episodes available: indefinitely

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