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With Dean Jackson. The Beat Introducing: The best of under the radar local music.

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2 hours

Music Played

  • Ferocious Dog

    Traitor's Gate


    Paint Me In Gold


    Ethereal Material

  • Kid Chameleon


  • Live in session: Casey Lowry

    • Casey Lowry

      Roam (BBC Music Introducing East Mids session, 20 Apr 2019)

  • The Headspace

    The Common

  • Kaleid


  • Superego


  • Cammie Robinson

    Think About You (feat. Mike Emilio & Helion)

  • Studio guest: NAYTE

    • NAYTE

      How It Feels

  • J O R D A N

    Cold Love

  • LaVina

    My Type

  • Kezia Gill

    Dead Ends & Detours

  • The Thieves

    False Hope

  • Studio guest: Jake Warner

    • Jake Warner

      Catch Me

  • Damn Cargo

    How I Find Stars

  • Phidizz

    Knock Knock

  • Nebula

    Moses Riddim (feat. Archie & Mk-Tential)

  • PanEag


  • Frank

    Life People

  • Studio guests: MIA SKY and Biggz

    • MI4 SKY

      Bhad Chick (feat. Biggz)

  • Ruzzain

    The Game (feat. Omar)

  • S5

    MY Reign

  • Garton

    No Peace (feat. Sparx)