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Managing your energy- James Collins

How to manage your energy to fit with your schedule with elite sports nutritionist James Collins

Who doesn't want more energy, particularly when faced with a gruelling schedule. In this episode of DTMTS, Simon Mundie sits down with world-leading sports nutritionist James Collins, who shapes the eating habits of Olympic athletes and Premier League footballers, so they are on peak form when it counts. After a decade of working with the likes of Arsenal FC, England Football and Team GB, James has distilled his elite sports success into simple food principles that any of us can follow to feel at our best in our daily lives. It's all about how to eat and exercise right for your body and your routine. In this episode James reveals how to think about carbs, protein, micronutrients and hydration, and how and when to use them to fuel your body engine correctly. He also reveals the importance of fibre, why to increase your good fats and how to decrease your bad, why it's crucial to do resistance training- particularly as you age and how to use caffeine strategically.

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