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Losing hope in Venezuela

Salvation or invasion - how do Venezuelans feel about humanitarian aid from abroad? Kate Adie introduces correspondents' stories from around the world.

Venezuelans are divided on what caused the crisis in their country and on whether the foreign governments offering help are potential saviours or invaders. In Caracas, Katy Watson hears how people on all sides are losing hope.

Kate Adie introduces this and other stories from around the world:

Colin Freeman meets Yasin Abu Bakr the man behind what was probably the only Islamist coup ever to have been attempted in the Western hemisphere. In 1990 Jamaat al Muslimeen took the Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago hostage.

Alastair Leithead discovers why the protection of elephants in Botswana is becoming an increasingly politicised issue. Should the meat of culled animals be turned into pet food?

Michelle Jana Chan meets the Bhutanese athlete Dorji Dema, and discovers that archery there can often involve raucous singing, lots of alcohol and hurling insults at opponents.

And Jenny Hill explains how Germany’s love of sausages is expressed in its language as well as its diet.

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