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Texting Keith Olbermann Podcast

Follow BBC News anchor Ros Atkins' funny, fascinating and sometimes awkward exploration of his unusual friendship with one of America's most notorious broadcasters.

One night in 2016, BBC News anchor Ros Atkins was retweeted by the legendary American broadcaster Keith Olbermann. The comment? “Thank God you’re back."

Two years on, despite having never met, Keith and Ros were texting each other almost every day. Keith would send pictures of his dogs, the view from his Manhattan penthouse or the oysters that he was eating. He'd also send details of his latest ratings and thoughts on Ros' show. He even sponsored the match ball at the tiny football club at the end of Ros' road in London.

In Texting Keith Olbermann, Ros Atkins asks Keith what everyone was asking him: why is he doing it? And as Ros' wife realises he's texting Keith more than anyone apart from her, she has the same question for him. Two parallel conversations play out, as we hear funny, fascinating and sometimes awkward explorations of fame, money, death threats, being a TV anchor, and the backstories to some of the most notorious moments of Keith's career. We also find out what happens to this unconventional friendship when they meet in person.

Producer: Danielle Stephens
Artwork: Sam Gilbey

Updated: occasionally
Episodes available: indefinitely

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