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Anne McElvoy explores who and why we love with the philosopher Laura Mucha, the poet and novelist Lavinia Greenlaw, the novelist Elanor Dymott and the poet Andrew McMillan.

Poet Andrew McMillan, philosopher and psychologist Laura Mucha, poet and novelist Lavinia Greenlaw & writer Elanor Dymott explores who and why we love. Presented by Anne McElvoy.

Laura Mucha has written Love Factually: the science of who, how and why we love
Andrew McMillan's new book of poetry is called Playtime
Lavinia Greenlaw's novel In the City of Love's Sleep is out in paperback and her new book of poetry is called The Built Moment
Elanor Dymott's latest novel Slacktide is out now. It follows her first novel Every Contact Leaves a Trace.

Producer Fiona McLean

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