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My daughter has my disability and that’s OK

Actor Jack Binstead knew there was a chance Daisy would have brittle bones like him

"A kick in the gut" is how Actor Jack Binstead describes his initial response to news that daughter Daisy has osteogenesis imperfecta (brittle bones) like him. But now he thinks differently.

Pippa Bolton and husband describe themselves as having learning disabilities - Pippa joins us to talk about the six month fight to be allowed to bring her daughter Rain home from hospital. They now have two children and no involvement from social services.

When Eliza Hull realised she wasn’t being represented in any parenting books, she interviewed disabled mums and dads from all over Australia for her ABC podcast series We’ve Got This.

In a disabled parent special (if we can say special?) Jack, Pippa and Eliza tell their own stories and ponder what passers-by think and whether they feel they can ask for help amongst many other things. They also pass on their very own disabled parenting hacks.

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