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Joe Wicks: Community

Joe Wicks the Body Coach talks to Simon about redefining sport so it's about more than winning trophies and explains how to build a fitness community

It’s time to redefine sport. Joe Wicks- aka the Body Coach- says it’s not just about winning trophies and smashing into people down the park on a Sunday, it’s also about exercising together in an environment where collaboration, cooperation and community are all important. Joe is a social media sensation, and one of the world’s most influential fitness stars, and in this episode of Don’t Tell Me The Score, he tells Simon Mundie how he went from running small bootcamps in Surbiton, to breaking the world record for an outdoor HIIT session. Joe has built a huge community of Lean in 15 fans, who support each other in getting fit and healthy, and he shares some golden tips for growing your social media presence and brand. Joe also runs through the key workout moves you can do everywhere and anywhere, and shares his nutrition rules and how they’ve changed since releasing his latest veggie Lean in 15 book. They get into the similarities between music and sport, the power of exercise as a mental health tool, how he plans to change the way schools think about exercise, why you don’t need to join a gym, how to get started, the best time of day to train, what he thinks of intermittent fasting and what Big Sam Allardyce is like after a few glasses of wine.

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