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Tracey Crouch MP: Values

Simon sits down with Tracey Crouch MP, to discuss the importance of values and principles in life and sport, and how the two are related

Your values and principles determine your behaviour and often your success.This week, Simon sits down with Tracey Crouch MP, who resigned as Sports Minister in November 2018 over "delays" to a crackdown on maximum stakes for fixed-odds betting machines. She was widely praised for sticking to her principles, even though it cost her her 'dream job' in government. Tracey is also a qualified football coach, and in this episode they explore how values and principles are intimately related, and how sport can help develop them. They also discuss how values have gone awry in the gambling industry, how Westminster and top-flight football could set a better example, how you can instill values in children through sport and why getting them active in school is important. They also get into mindfulness and how sport can help your mental health plus Tracey throws in some gardening tips for good measure, but is left unconvinced about the benefits of milk kefir.

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