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Lee Child: Why I had a Reacher moment

Author Lee Child has told BBC Hardtalk's Stephen Sackur about the time he experienced "a real life Reacher moment", five years ago.

Child explained that he came to the aid of a taxi driver in New York City who was struggling to remove an abusive passenger from his cab.

Most people are decent, kind and would help a stranger if it is possible, he explained, but most of the time it is not possible as people are intimidated or inhibited by fear or propriety.

“That is why we love it in fiction, we turn to fiction for consolation, here is a guy who will do the right thing no matter what the odds are and that gives us consolation and satisfaction and makes us feel better about the world.”

Child's Jack Reacher novels about a former military policeman have sold over 100 million copies worldwide since he began the series 21 years ago.

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