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05/01/2019 - #MostPlayed : The most played artists of the past year.

With Dean Jackson. The Beat Introducing: The best of under the radar local music.

2 hours

Music Played

Adding a track to My Tracks will no longer be available from late March
  • Interview: The Time Sellers

  • Live on the 'phone: Jafro

    • Jafro


      Music Arranger: Lowpass Luke.
  • Studio guest: Tom Shawcroft

  • Studio guest: Maariyah Nawab-Khan

  • Studio guest: Joseph Knight

  • Studio guest: Centre Excuse

  • Studio guest: Lorna Dea

  • Studio guest: Fast Car To Florence

  • Studio guest: Phidizz

  • Studio guest: 2Raw4U

  • Live on the 'phone: Patawawa

  • Studio guests: Oliver Davis and Ken Samson

  • On the 'phone: Oliver Kean

  • Studio guest: Demons Of Ruby May

    • Demons Of Ruby May

      Young Blood

  • Studio guest: Joel Baker

  • Studio guest: Rezzonator

  • Studio guest: Easy Life

    • Easy Life


  • In session from Latitude Festival: Judith Ude

  • Studio guest: Mahalia

  • On the 'phone; Henry from Sea Girls