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Mike Brearley: Leadership

Simon sits down with the legendary England cricket captain turned top psychoanalyst Mike Brearley to unravel the secrets of good leadership

What makes a good leader? Is it all about inspirational speeches, or a nurturing arm around the shoulder? One man who knows better than most is Mike Brearley, considered by many to be the greatest ever England cricket captain, who kindly invited Simon to his house for this episode of DTMTS. Mike was in charge for England’s legendary comeback against Australia in the 1981 Ashes, and he lays bare the approach that got the best out of Ian Botham. Mike also went on to become a successful psychoanalyst after his cricket career ended, and they discuss the leadership lessons he learnt there. They also explore the similarities between leadership and parenting, and Mike gives his considered view of the leadership skills of Gareth Southgate, Donald Trump and Theresa May.

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