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Alex Edelman's Peer Group

Award-winning comedian Alex Edelman looks at how millennials view materialism and what value things have in today's world, with help from his peer group.

Nominated for this year’s main Edinburgh Comedy Award, and winner of the Newcomer in 2014, American comedian Alex Edelman is back for a second series of his show PEER GROUP in which he takes a comic look at what it’s like being a millennial today.

The first episode is all about his relationship with materialism and what millennials actually want to own, apart from - obviously - a house. He looks at how the internet has changed people's perceptions of owning things, and what things actually mean anything to millennials in a world where everything is disposable.

We also hear from Alex's "peer group" - comedians Alfie Brown, Moses Storm and Jak Knight, journalist Rebecca Nicholson and cultural commentator David Burstein.

It is written and presented by Alex Edelman, with additional material by Ivo Graham.

Producer: Sam Michell.

A BBC Studios production.

Release date:

22 days left to listen

29 minutes

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