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The US Media: “Enemies of the people?”

Amidst a media revolution Chris Bowlby travels to New York to report on the technological and editorial challenges facing American journalism.

With the media in the United States facing a period of unprecedented challenge - technologically, editorially and politically, Chris Bowlby travels to New York to assess the impact of the huge changes sweeping the industry. Some traditional print titles such as The New York Times are enjoying a "Trump Bump," with its digital offer attracting record subscriptions but how sustainable is this? With billions now using social media to access information and news, how can journalism compete and counter the increasing power and reach of the tech companies? And amid a highly partisan media landscape what does increasing polarisation mean for the profession and for US political culture?

Reporter: Chris Bowlby
Producer: Jim Frank

Picture credit: Timothy A. Clary/AFP/GettyImages

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27 minutes