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69. Sounds Launch Special from the London Eye, with James O’Brien and Leena Norms

Fortunately joins the great and the good at the BBC Sounds launch from the London Eye.

Fortunately joins the great and the good at the new BBC Sounds App launch from the London Eye, where we record our ‘pod’ in a rotating glass pod! As we brace for entry into one of the London Eye’s revolving pods, we’re joined on the platform by YouTuber and podcaster Leena Norms. Leena leads the way as we leap into the pod where the chat continues at altitude. There’s brief mention of the stunning if foggy view across the city, but it transpires Fi is queasy about heights! Back on the ground in the BBC Sounds launch green room we are joined by broadcaster James O’Brien for a chat about his viral radio monologues, and the largest thing he’s ever lost on the tube.

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36 minutes

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