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The Comeback: E2: Sophie Duker and Olga Koch

Someone thrown serious shade your way? The Comeback feels your pain. It’s the podcast where comedians get their own back on the people who’ve wronged them.

Ever been left speechless by an insult, powerless to get your own back on the person who wronged you? The Comeback podcast feels your pain. Over six episodes, Jen Wakefield is joined by comedians who want to arm you with the perfect putdown for situations when someone has thrown some serious shade your way.

In this episode, Sophie Duker tells us about how a pompous chartered accountant cut her down over her lack of cafetiere skills. Plus, Olga Koch revels in talking to Jen about an ungrateful ex-boyfriend and how she’d make him see the error of his unappreciative ways.

Coming up in the rest of the series, Camille Ucan, Rose Johnson, Sarah Keyworth, Chris Washington, Amelia Dimoldenberg and Tolani Shoneye will all be coming on the podcast to get things off their chest.

This is a Whistledown production for BBC Radio 1.

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31 minutes


Role Contributor
Presenter Jen Wakefield
Interviewed Guest Sophie Duker
Interviewed Guest Olga Koch
Executive Producer Katherine Godfrey
Producer Steve Hankey