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Smart Stimulation for People with Dementia

Three clever ideas that help improve the day-to-day lives of people with dementia

Anyone who cares for someone with dementia knows the struggle to keep them stimulated and engaged as the condition progresses. This week World Hacks looks at three clever ideas that attempt to help.

First up, a designer in the Netherlands has created a device that projects simple interactive games on to any table. Using lights, colours and sounds, the Tovertafel, or ‘Magic Table’, allows users to push rustling leaves, pop bubbles and catch virtual fish. We visit a dementia club in north London where it’s the star attraction at their weekly meeting and visit the creator, Dr Hester Le Riche, at her head office in Utrecht to find out how it works.

Another game features next, a simple board game called Call To Mind, which stimulates conversation through its gameplay.

And finally we look at some brightly-coloured rehydration drops, which draw the attention of people living with dementia and so aim to keep them healthy as the condition worsens.

Presenter: Nick Holland
Reporters: Claire Bates, Susila Silva, Tom Colls

Photo Caption: The Tovertafel in action
Photo Credit: BBC

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