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Sir Nicholas Winton - Part 1: Prague

Barbara Winton relates events in 1938/9 when her father Nicholas arrived in Prague...

Barbara Winton relates events in 1938/9 when her father arranged the rescue of 669 children from Prague.

At Christmas 1938 Nicholas Winton - a 29 year old stockbroker from London - was preparing to spend the holiday skiing in Switzerland when he received a phone call from his intended companion, Martin Blake. Martin explained that he had gone instead to Prague and persuaded Nicholas - 'Nicky' - to join him there.

In Prague Martin introduced Nicky to Doreen Warriner, a British aid worker helping with the refugee crisis engulfing Prague following the German occupation of the Sudetenland. Doreen encouraged Nicky to visit the refugee camps springing up around the city and it is following one such visit that Nicky determined he would find a way to help the refugee children.

The task would not be an easy one though: the British government was already involved in helping children leave Germany and Austria and had no desire to add children from Czechoslovakia to the list. Nicky had to find a way to persuade them.

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