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The Andy Field Experience: E03

Expect a roller coaster ride of silly sketches from the oddball mind of Andy Field.

A silly, anarchic, fast-paced sketch show that jumps from idea to idea like a hyperactive flea amidst the flowing locks of the vast shaggy dog that is Andy Field.

More nonsense from the trained assassins in "Take Me Out", The Man Who Grew Too Much (who witnesses yet more things no one else can see) and musician Hank Freely who's back with another of his musical masterpieces, played entirely on a piece of fruit.

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35 minutes


Role Contributor
Presenter Andy Field
Performer Phil Lindsey
Performer David McIver
Performer Kieran Murphy
Performer Martin Willis
Performer Helen Bauer
Performer Hugh Davies
Performer Tamsyn Kelly
Producer Lianne Coop

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