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Scotland, dressing for an air raid, pyjamas

In the days of Zeppelin raids, fleeing fashionably was a hot topic in newspapers and magazines. Comedian Susan Morrison talks to costume historian Lucie Whitmore of Glasgow University who’s been investigating at the Museum of Edinburgh. For the first time ever, women were in regular peril of being seen in their nightwear outside the home. How to deal with it? One route was lacy and be-ribboned boudoir caps - so what if you had your curlers in? Nobody could see them and you’d still look lovely, but another route was more racy - pyjamas! The Great War was the first time it became really acceptable for women to wear pyjamas to bed. But faced with an air raid the decision was yours - flirty frivolity and the lacy boudoir cap or practical functionality and the pyjama route. Sales of both rocketed and nightwear was never the same again. (Photograph, courtesy of Lucy Adlington/History Wardrobe).

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