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Japan and Nature

Photographer Mika Ninagawa talks to Christopher Harding, the new novel from Hideo Yokoyama and Anne McElvoy is joined by Stephen Dodd and Eiko Honda to explore concepts of nature.

Photographer Mika Ninagawa talks to Christopher Harding about the artificiality of her images of cherry blossoms. A plane crash in the mountains is explored in the new novel Seventeen from Hideo Yokoyama, translated by Louise Heal Kawai. And presenter Anne McElvoy is also joined by Eiko Honda from the University of Oxford and Professor Stephen Dodd from SOAS, the University of London for an exploration of the way nature has been depicted across the decades in Japanese writing and political thought.

Seventeen by Hideo Yokoyama translated by Louise Heal Kawai is out in English now.

Producer: Robyn Read

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46 minutes