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Learning from Sweden

From Bergman to ABBA -Matthew Sweet looks at Sweden's impact on Britain and Britain's influence on Sweden with Anders Sandberg, Pia Lundgren Kieran Long, Lars Blomgren &Tom Hoctor

What do meatballs, The Square and Henning Mankell have in common? The answer is Sweden as you’ve no doubt guessed. As ABBA’s Cold War musical, Chess, is poised to return to the British stage Matthew Sweet considers what Sweden’s taught us – whether in films such as I am Curious Yellow or in the aisles at IKEA - and what the Swedes might have gained from their brushes with Britain. His guests include Anders Sandberg from the Future of Humanity Institute in Oxford, the Swedish cultural attache, Pia Lundberg, Lars Blomgren, one of the people behind The Bridge, the social scientist, Tom Hoctor and Kieran Long - once of the V&A but now the director of the Swedish centre for Architecture and Design.

Chess runs at English National Opera from 26 Apr - 02 Jun 2018

Producer: Zahid Warley

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46 minutes