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New Generation Thinkers: Edmund Richardson and Sarah Jackson

New Generation Thinkers: Edmund Richardson and Sarah Jackson

Alexander the Great's Tomb was famous and then it disappeared. Classical historian Edmund Richardson has spent the last few years following in the Macedonian's wake and admits to a growing obsession with the mystery of the missing corpse and its final resting place. Join him as he goes in search of those who claim to have found the conqueror's last remains, peers into a legend-filled sarcophagus standing shyly by the Rosetta stone in the British Museum and follows an imaginatively talented English gentleman to Alexandria during the Napoleonic Wars where rumours abound that the French have uncovered a great secret. The quest, not the bones, that's the thing.

Contributers: Professor Paul Cartledge; Dr Nora Goldschmidt; Dr Neal Spencer
Readers: Sudha Bhuchar; Rupert Holliday Evans

In the second half, Sarah Jackson, from Nottingham Trent University, investigates the human voice, its mechanical counterparts and the way the remote voice has affected the way we express ourselves. Framed by a 1960s GPO information film about the newly automated exchange featuring 'Mr Phone' and his friends, this documentary explores the relationship between the voice and the machine.

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