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A political crisis, a touch of freedom and what vegetable would you vote for? Correspondents' stories from Catalonia, Saudi Arabia, Nicaragua, Germany and a tuber in Vermont.

With a political crisis, a push for freedom and talk of vegetables, Kate Adie introduces correspondents' stories from across the world.
Guy Hedgecoe is with the unionist Catalans, opposed to independence from Spain of their region.
In Saudi Arabia, the Crown Prince has called for a return to moderate Islam in the Kingdom. Kirsty Lang sees some noticeable changes for women in the country.
In the mountains of Nicaragua, Margaret Ward goes off grid but also sees the progress has made in using renewable energy.
500 years ago Europe was torn apart by the Reformation. One of the leading actors in it was Martin Luther, and he used a new technology, the printing press to get his message out. Jenny Hill follows in his footsteps.
The we talk vegetables - tubers, to be precise - with Christine Finn, who reveals which one the people of Vermont voted for.

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