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Screenwriter Raisah Ahmed

Bryan meets screenplay writer Raisah Ahmed, and she tells him how she turns stories into films.

Bryan meets screenplay writer Raisah Ahmed.

Raisah has had a love of stories from a very early age. Her family is originally from Pakistan, but Raisah was born and grew up in Glasgow.

One of Raisah's favourite places to go as a youngster was to the local library where she devoured books by Judy Blume, Anne Fine and Philip Pullman. She liked books so much when she was growing up that she once got told off for reading too much in class, and also told her dad that her dream job would be to be the schoolgirl detective Nancy Drew!

Raisah tells Bryan how she studied English at university, and knew that she wanted to get into the media but found it tough to break in. The turning point came when she won a place on an apprenticeship for film-makers called Second Light. It was through this apprenticeship that Raisah realised she could tell stories and write screenplays that were true to her experiences as a young Muslim woman.

She tells Bryan about the screenplays she's written for films, and how she creates her characters. Bryan also finds out from Raisah what it's like to work in film, and why it's not as glamorous as you might think!

And Raisah offers some great advice if you think that a job which involves storytelling might be your dream job.

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