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Falklands – Laurie and Brian

Laurie talks to his father-in-law Brian about his ship being hit by a bomb in the Falklands War.

Animator: James Lacey
Course: BA Computer Animation & VFX at Teesside University

James says: the main factor that really struck me was the way in which Laurie told his story. His tone of voice has a sincerity to it, which I felt deepened the impact of his words. Here we have a man who fought bravely for his country, and who looks back at a very dangerous situation that played a big part in his life. He is just one man of the three-to-four hundred who were on-board that day, all of whom could have all perished but didn't. For me, I think this story has a nice message to it that will resonate with a lot of people; the message is to never take life for granted.

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1 minute