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Talking to the Boss - Dusty and Margaret

Dusty talks with Margaret about being Gay and their shared faith.

Dusty talks with Margaret about being Gay and their shared faith.

Animator: Corrianna Clarke, “Coradraws”
Course: BA Illustration at the Arts University Bournemouth

The animator says: Relatable stories, memories and current issues, especially those that apply to women, are areas that I am always drawn to when considering the subject matter for my work. Identifying with the LGBT theme of Dusty and Margaret’s conversation, I was inspired by not only the tone and rhythm of the dialogue, but also the positive message portrayed.

I most often use ink and watercolour in my animations, using their fluidity and unpredictable nature to my advantage. I find that these materials lend themselves to sensitive conversations and dream-like spaces. When painting initial ideas for Talking to the Boss, I felt it was reminiscent of viewing photographs of a past time, and so chose to keep this animation predominantly monochromatic.

My aim for this animation was to move between the speaker’s memory of the past, (a depiction of her childhood and realisation), and visuals portraying a more recent time, (perhaps adulthood or later adolescence), when the speaker refers to her faith and consequent self-acceptance.

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1 minute