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Chronic fatigue: A new approach?

Around 190,000 people in Britain today suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome, also known as ME, or myalgic encephalomyelitis.

The symptoms include tiredness, headaches, and chronic muscle pain - and a further burden for the sufferers is that their condition has not always been taken seriously by employers, friends or even medical professionals.

But a controversial new study suggests that teenage sufferers could receive help with an intensive treatment lasting only three days.

Esther Crawley was lead researcher on the study and is professor of child health at the University of Bristol. 'Anne' suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome and is about to begin research into the condition with Professor Crawley.

They discussed the impact of the disease, the promise of the new research and why Anne (not her real name) fears abuse for her work.

(Image: Fatigued woman. Credit: Getty Images)

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