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Mozart's Credo

This is an extract from Mozart's Mass in C minor KV 427 (Credo).

This is an extract from Mozart's Mass in C minor KV 427 (Credo).

The Credo of Mozart’s ‘Great’ Mass in Cm remained two-thirds incomplete at the time of his early death. Nevertheless, the music he did leave us is extraordinary.
On the page it’s difficult to imagine how the rather dry statements of the creed could truly dance, even in Latin, but Mozart makes them do just that. Here is honest faith, and also sheer good-natured joy. Later on, Mozart singles out the line “Et Incarnatus est…” (and was incarnate by the Holy Ghost out of the Virgin Mary, and was made man) for special treatment. He turns it into a glorious eight minute aria for solo soprano surrounded by an angelic choir of woodwind. It’s as beautiful and moving as anything he wrote; unpacking all the human emotion and wonder that lies behind these laconic words.

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