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Living World from the Archives - Sika Deer

Experience the wonder and surprise that nature has to offer.

Brett Westwood relives programmes from 50 years of the Living World archives. In this episode from 2009, Lionel Kelleway is in Dorset with Dr Anita Diaz from Bournemouth University, for the sika deer rut.

Lionel heads to Purbeck in Dorset with Dr Anita Diaz to experience the sights and unusual sounds of sika at the start of the rutting season. Sika Deer are aliens to the UK but now are well established as part of the British landscape, though Purbeck has one of the larger concentrations. As the night draws in, the sika come off the salt marsh around Poole Harbour to graze the grasslands of Purbeck. This being the rutting season, the sika are noisily proclaiming their status, with a call once described as a mournful whale song across the English countryside.

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