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Switzerland: Only The Night Knows

Swiss artist Scilla Hess collaborates with Albanian composer Markelian Kapidani

Pop and jazz artist Scilla Hess collaborates with Albanian composer and pianist Markelian Kapidani.

The musical and cultural encounter between the artists took place in Lugano; the Gotthard Pass was chosen for filming. The Gotthard is relevant as one of the most important crossing points between northern and southern Europe. Today it is the longest tunnel in the world. However, the crossing used to be an arduous and dangerous task, and the building of the very first tunnel was achieved at significant human cost.

The song Only The Night Knows tells the troubles, fears and doubts that can arise in a long distance, or emotionally distant, relationship.

Markelian Kapidani was born in Albania and began his musical education at the age of four under the guidance of his father, Gjon Kapidani, an orchestra conductor. Aged eighteen he secured a degree in piano, followed by a degree in Composition and Arrangement, from the University of Arts in Tirana. He joined Albanian Radio and TV and went on to be Albania's most well known composer.

His first album, Balkan Piano, released in 2008, blends influences from Western classical music with folk music from the Balkans, with jazz undertones. The album was popular in Italy, and Kapidani subsequently participated in many jazz festivals around Italy.

Scilla Hess, an award-winning pop and jazz artist from Switzerland, is now based in Los Angeles. She began singing lessons at the age of twelve and practiced contemporary music, acting and dancing in many of Europe's performance schools.

New European Songbook is presented as part of the Edinburgh International Festival and British Council season Spirit of '47.

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