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What is best for baby Charlie Gard?

Here in Britain, Charlie Gard is an 11-month-old baby who suffers from a very rare inherited disease which means he cannot move his arms or legs. He has congenital deafness and can only breathe through a ventilator. Charlie's heart, liver and kidneys are also affected, and his doctors say it is not clear if he feels pain. His parents want him to undergo a trial therapy in America, but the doctors say it is experimental and wouldn't work. They have asked the country's High Court to hear new evidence in the case of the terminally ill baby. This has triggered a debate over who knows best for a baby's health. Is it the parents or the doctors? Dr John Lantos - a US paediatrician - reacts to this ethical dilemma.

(Picture: Family handout file photo of Charlie Gard. Credit: Family handout/PA Wire)

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