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Can We Supercharge School?

A school in San Francisco thinks it can speed up the learning process by using clever technology to offer each child lessons designed around their individual needs.

A new school in San Francisco thinks it can massively accelerate the speed at which children can learn, using clever technology and smart algorithms to offer each child a bespoke education.

AltSchool believes it can achieve results that were only previously possible by giving individual children their own personal tutor.

The firm currently runs eight small ‘lab schools’ dotted around the country, all run from their California headquarters. But they have huge plans for expansion, and hope to sell their software to every school in the country.

Sam Judah meets the pupils at one of the schools, and the CEO at AltSchool’s nerve centre, to find out what’s behind the company’s big idea.

Presenter: Mai Noman
Producer: Sam Judah

Image: A pupil at AltSchool / Credit: BBC

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