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8: Apples of Iduna - 2

Loki has agreed to help the giant, Thiassi, against the gods - and he know just how.

Loki has agreed to help the giant Thiassi against the gods, so he takes Thiassi to Iduna's garden. He has a plan: if he can get Iduna away from her garden the gods will start to grow old. Thiassi, disguised as an eagle again, hides in a tree. Loki calls to Iduna and tells her he needs one of her apples. But when she gives him one he pretends to have seen much better apples in another orchard outside Iduna's garden.

Loki offers to take her there, but she is reluctant to leave: what if the gods need her apples? So Loki persuades her that the apples may belong to a rival goddess and she agrees to go with him. But suddenly mysterious voices waft through the air: Iduna's trees are speaking - warning her not to go with Loki.

Thiassi has had enough waiting: he swoops down, seizes Iduna and her basket in his talons, and flies up into the air with her, thanking Loki for his assistance. But there's just one problem: with Iduna gone it's not just Odin and the other gods that are growing old and frail...Loki is as well!

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