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6: Thor and the giants - 3

Thor takes on further challenges...not knowing that there is magic at work against him.

Thor has failed the first of the challenges. But he refuses to give up and demands that the giants set him another task - one that will really stretch him - so Skrymnir calls for his cat. The 'cat' turns out to be rather larger than the average moggy - about the size of a cow - and Thor's challenge is to lift the cat from the floor. Thor strains every muscle...but can only lift one paw from the ground. Thor has failed again.

Thor demands a final challenge and this time Skrymnir calls for 'Hel' - a little old lady that Skrymnir says is his great, great, grandmother. A wrestling contest begins and within a moment or two Thor is on his back having been soundly beaten. He has failed again.

The following day Thor and Loki are about to return to Asgard in shame when Skrymnir reveals that he has been using magic against them all along: one end of the drinking horn was actually drawing liquid from the sea...the 'cat' was actually a serpent that winds itself right around Jotunheim...and the old lady - 'Hel' - is actually death itself, which no-one can defeat. Thor is outraged and vows to return for vengeance.

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