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4: Thor and the giants - 1

Loki introduces us to Thor, Viking god of thunder. One day Thor goes to Odin and declares his intention to do battle with the giants. Odin is delighted...and volunteers Loki to accompany him on the journey to Jotunheim. Loki, naturally, is less than thrilled.

Thor and Loki ride in Thor's chariot - pulled by two shaggy goats - and stop for the night in Midgard at the house of a poor villager. The prospects for dinner aren't good so Thor shows off his magic trick: he slays both his goats to make goat stew, giving Loki and the villager strict instructions not to break any of the goats' bones. Loki can't resist this opportunity to cause trouble, so he quietly tells the villager to break open a bone or two and suck out the marrow.

In the morning Thor stands over the pile of goats' bones and brings his goats back to life. But there's just one problem - one of the goats is limping...and Thor knows at once who to blame.

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