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1: Odin creates the world

First we meet our story-teller - Loki, Viking god of fire. He's a trickster and a shape-changer - 'Loki by name...jokey by nature.'

Loki's first story is an abridged adaptation of the Viking creation myth, focusing on Odin's role in creating the physical settings for the stories which then follow. Loki recalls how Odin first creates a land of frost and ice called 'Jotunheim' - a freezing land where he banishes his enemies, the giants. Then Odin creates 'Midgard' - a warm and pleasant land for the first humans. Finally Odin creates 'Asgard' - the shining citadel of the gods. And, as a final touch, he joins Asgard to Midgard with a bridge made from a rainbow.

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