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A Tale of Defending Our Freedom Wins the Caine Prize 2017

Caine Prize winner Bushra al-Fadil warns of the relentless threats to our freedom

The Caine Prize for African Writing is a powerful springboard for new writers. Tina Daheley speaks to this year's winner Bushra al-Fadil, and shortlisted finalist Magogodi oaMphela Makhene.

German-Egyptian singer Merit Ariane Stephanos talks about adapting the seminal feminist novel ‘Women at Point Zero’ by Egyptian activist Nawal El Saadai for the stage.

Close to the Arctic circle, under a shadow of full moon we meet the Icelandic artists Ragnar Helgi Olafson and Dagur Hjartarson burning their own work in an act of poetic defiance.

And from Argentina, writer Mariana Enriquez on how witnessing police brutality in her country against young people, fuels her to twist fact into fiction and horror.

With Tina Daheley

(Photo: Caine Prize winner 2017 Bushra al-Fadil. Credit: Caine Prize for African Writing)

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