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Is the Gig Economy Out of Control?

How to harness the gig economy for good; Mozilla’s competition to fight the digital divide; Raspberry Pi merits a top tech award

Is the gig economy out of control? This year’s OuiShare Fest in Paris for urban innovators and edgy entrepreneurs explores the gig economy and cities. How can we convert the advantages of the growing ‘uberisation’ model of modern life for the many and not the few? Click talks to Mara Balestrini and Helen Goulden who are participating in the festival.

For many, internet access has become almost a basic need. But there are large swathes of the world where connectivity is poor or non-existent. Mozilla’s Equal Rating Innovation Challenge is a competition for projects seeking to fight this so called digital divide. Julia Lorke spoke to the winning teams from South Africa, Brazil and India.

The team behind Raspberry Pi, the small but mighty microcomputer that has redefined home computing for many thousands of people around the world, have won the UK’s top engineering innovation prize, the Royal Academy of Engineering MacRobert Award. Click talks to Raspberry Pi’s Eben Upton.

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