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Where Are You Going? Hong Kong

Astonishing responses from strangers in Hong Kong to a simple question - Where are you going?

In a city where East meets West and old meets new, Catherine randomly approaches a man in a taxi queue to ask him about where he is going. A funny conversation about the parcel he is taking to a friend soon leads to a riveting account of his near-death experience. Such is the currency of this series where strangers reveal unexpected details about their lives. Catherine also chats to an exhausted Philippine maid enjoying downtime with her friends, meets the “Lolita Goths” who want to feel like princesses and the devoted gay couple who wooed each other with love letters.

These snapshots of people’ lives, mixed with an evocative soundscape of the city create an audio collage which is an unpredictable and poetic listen.

(Photo: 'Lolita Goths'. Credit: Paul Jay)

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Sun 25 Jun 2017 08:06GMT


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