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Nimrud and Hatra

What’s left of the ancient archaeological sites of northern Iraq?

Nimrud is a 3,000 year old archaeological site blown up by the so-called Islamic State. The Iraqi archaeologist Muzahim Hossein spent 30 years excavating there, and he goes back for the first time to see what remains. And the story of one Iraqi family who grew up with the temples and talismans of the beautiful, fabled city of Hatra.

Including contributions from Layla Salih, Nineveh Heritage Buildings; Alessandra Peruzzetto, World Monuments Fund; and Watha Saleh.

Presented by Kanishk Tharoor
Produced by Maryam Maruf
With thanks to Eleanor Robson, Lamia al-Gailani, Ali Juboori, Mehdi Musawi, Faisal Irshaid, Lucinda Dirven and Roberta Venca.

Museum of Lost Objects series two is broadcast on BBC World Service.

Image: Gorgon head in Hatra Credit: Getty Images

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