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Turning Goats into Water

We meet a Pakistani entrepreneur who developed a scheme to trade something poor villagers have a lot of - goats - for something they desperately need - water.

Fariel Salahuddin is not the type of person you’d expect to see wandering around rural Pakistan, especially with a herd of goats. She’s a successful energy consultant who has worked around the world. But when she returned to where she grew up, Pakistan, Fariel decided she wanted to work on smaller projects to try to make an immediate impact and provide solar energy to poor, rural communities. This was all very well, until she realised these places didn’t have water, let alone power. What they did have was goats. Fariel developed an innovative scheme to trade what the villagers have in plentiful supply for something they desperately needed: goats for water. But what was Fariel going to do with all her newly acquired goats?

Presenter: Mukul Devichand
Reporters: Secunder Kermani and Dougal Shaw
Producer: Charlotte Pritchard

Image: Goats in rural Pakistan / Credit: BBC

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