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Somalia faces famine, ethnic conflict continues in Myanmar and as the ‘Big Bad She Wolf’ retires, Cuba’s leadership rejoices. Kate Adie introduces correspondents’ stories.

Somalia faces famine, ethnic conflict continues in Myanmar and the ‘She-Wolf’ retires. Kate Adie introduces correspondents’ stories from around the world.

On a rare trip into the remote Northern Shan State of Myanmar, Nick Sturdee meets one of the ethnic militias still at war with the military.

There are harrowing sights for Mary Harper in Somalia and Somaliland, as she sees for herself the toll that severe drought and threat of famine are taking on the population, particularly the children.

In contrast Will Grant finds something to celebrate for Cuba’s socialist leadership. As the annual May Day workers’ march took place, the US Congresswoman described by Fidel Castro as the ‘big bad she-wolf’ announced her retirement.

Elizabeth Hotson reflects on tales of the Cold War spies and challenges to press freedom, as she joins the Ski Club of International Journalists in France.

And in India, Melissa Van Der Klugt watches a tent being cleaned. Rajasthan's Royal Red Tent, which is taller than a double bus and made from exquisite silk, velvet and gold, is being given its first proper spring clean in 350 years.

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